• Cards viewed on a 10.5” HD touch electronic monitor, all cards along with joker card is made visible on the player terminal
  • Betting is done using real chips
  • Can request validation of an electronically dealt card with the physical card


  • Physical Cards are drawn from the shoe, cards are detected electronically in real-time, the deal is controlled by the dealer
  • Shuffling of cards is by the physical card shuffler as on a live table and gives the players the same confidence in the randomness of the game just as they have on live tables
  • Card can be physically identified and validated on a conflict
  • Joker card and all the other cards in “Andhar” and “Bahar” can be viewed in both dealer and player terminals
  •  19” 3M touch Industrial monitor for dealer for better view and easier operation of the game
  •  9“-10.5” HD touch electronic monitors as player terminals


  • Ability to select player seat positions from a touch monitor
  • Ability to approve or reject the card

An electronic customized Indian game Andar-Bahar table with physical card draw provides the exact play and feel of paying on a live table. Game is fully controlled and hosted by the dealer with bets happening using actual casino chips giving the experience of a live table Andhar-Bahar game. A dealt card can be validated against a physical card providing great ease in conflict resolutions.