• Approved Soft RNG provides for quick gameplay
  • Play options can be onscreen  or voice calls which are controlled by the dealer

A fully electronic blackjack table with soft RNG provides for fast blackjack play and provides a great ROI to the Operator. Game is fully controlled and hosted by the dealer with betting happening using actual casino chips giving the appeal of a live table game. Play options for additional card draw can be Dealer controlled or Player controlled giving great flexibility to the operator allowing for a great playing experience to the patron.


  • Ability to select the player positions from a touch monitor
  • Ability to choose play options such as ‘hit, stand or double’ available to both the dealer and player through onscreen and voice calls


  • Cards viewed on a 10.5” HD touch electronic monitor
  • Betting done using real chips
  • Can request validation of an electronically dealt card with the physical card