Player Options

24” HD 3M touch Monitor with side bets taken on the main screen

Roulette Wheel

Has all the necessary international gaming body approvals and have been used by IGT, AdpGauslemann, SHFL/Bally, Unidesa, Recreativos Franco as part of their gaming product portfolios’.

Operation Options

  • Cash Card provides ease of operations and better accountability eliminating the need of the attendant to key-in and key-out credits for the player
  • Many operators desire to speed up the play when there are few patrons and slow down when there are many, both options are available on this system
  • System configurations and controls is from the central gaming room and can be performed by an authorized administrator providing for higher security

The 8-seater Roulette terminal System with 24” HD display monitors for game play, with a cash card system provides for great game play experience and ease in operating the setup (no attendant key-in and key-out of credits).
Game allows the players to choose the number of neighbours to bet on while choosing a side bet.